Story number 1 for 24 May 2001

By May 24, 2001

(Russia)–Topping the news, a Russian court’s decision to protect the Church of Scientology in Moscow could have far-reaching implications for evangelistic groups. Increasingly, foreign-based religious groups in Russia have been targeted under a strict religion law passed in 1997. Russian Ministries’ Andrew Semenchuk. “Even though we do not agree with either the theology or the philosophy of many of these groups, we have to take comfort in the fact that if these organizations are protected, then we stand a good chance of not losing our status. This just backs up the fact that the Russian courts are making an effort to stick with the Constitution.” Semenchuk says the future is wide open for evangelistic work, but there is still opposition to Christians. “Pray for a spiritual revival in the former Soviet Union so that more and more people will have a tolerant attitude toward other groups.”

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