Story number 1 for 25 Apr 2002

By April 25, 2002

(India)–We begin today in India, where continuing religious riots in Gujarat are beginning to have an impact on the Parliament. Legislators have forced a discussion over the official handling of the violence. But, the situation remains dangerous not only for Hindus and Muslims, but also for Christians. So says a Southern Baptist International Mission Board worker whom we’ll call ‘Mark’. “Buses are burned and people are stoned, and it just becomes a little indiscriminate. In this particular case, it’s not a direct threat against Christians, but any time there’s upheaval and violence, every community is disturbed, including Christians.” ‘Mark’ asks believers to pray for missionaries in the area. “With the kind of tension that’s there in Gujarat, this would have hindered any kind of progress towards relationship building and evangelism for the Gospel. There needs to be prayer for just some relief in the community tensions right now, and especially as it affects the violence in Gujarat.”

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