Story number 1 for 25 Apr 2003

By April 25, 2003

(Nigeria)–Topping the news, anxiety grips Nigeria over disputed Presidential elections in which Olusegun Obasanjo, a devout Christian, reportedly won a second term. His opposition, though, claims election fraud and demands a new election. Christian Aid Mission’s Rae Burnett (BURN-ett) says they are cautiously optimistic, especially in light of history and what happened during Obasanjo’s first term. “Muslims saw this as a threat to their power and their authority, and then the situation got really much, much worse as far as persecution, as far as their acting up.” Christian Aid’s partnerships will continue, although staffers remain alert for potential problems that could interrupt their work. As for the threat of sectarian violence flaring in the immediate future, Burnett responds: “We need to pray certainly that Christians in Nigeria would really be serious and would be filled with the Spirit and not react in the flesh to these challenges.”

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