Story number 1 for 25 Feb 2002

By February 25, 2002

(India)–India headlines today’s news as thousands of low-caste Dalits are coming to Christ after renouncing their Hindu faith late last year. Operation Mobilization’s Joseph D’Souza says the lack of Bibles is the challenge facing evangelism of these people. “Very few people realize that of all the places in the world, there is an absolute famine for God’s word in India. The opening up of the Dalit situation only intensifies that need. When we’re dealing with a population of 300-million people getting the resources of Bibles and New Testaments and evangelistic books becomes extremely important.” D’Souza says despite the expected rise in persecution, he’s expecting thousands to come to Christ. “If we respond well and we open up all of the mission points that we need to open all across the nation, the new growth will completely dwarf the older growth of the church.” D’Souza believes the church needs at least 100-thousand new pastors and lay leaders to disciple new believers.

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