Story number 1 for 25 Jan 2000

By January 25, 2000

We begin today in Ecuador where a poor economy has led to a military coup in
that beleaguered country. Vice President Gustavo Noboa became the country’s 5th
president in three years after a military and Indian revolt forced President Jamil
Mahuad to resign. Back to the Bible’s David Lagacho says it’s not a good situation
for ministry. “People (are) totally distressed due to the situation. And, for ministries it’s
difficult to have all the financial resources because as the economy is bad, many people
don’t have enough money to support ministries financially.” According to Lagacho the
government and economic crisis is giving them opportunities to share the Gospel. “In
situations like ours in Ecuador is when Back to the Bible is most needed because we
bring a message of hope, and that’s exactly what people need in the middle of the
hopeless situation.”

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