Story number 1 for 25 Jul 2000

By July 25, 2000

We begin today’s news in Pakistan where we’re getting firsthand information about Islamic law and its impact on evangelism. A worker with Manmin World Mission says the country had freedom of religion, but because of the Islamic law declaration, evangelism will be curtailed. “If we will evangelize openly, in open streets and in open places then they (will) investigate the people and send (them) to jail and ordered to death. But, if we will work in buildings, then it will be some safe.” He says Christians are being pressured to leave Pakistan. “The Muslim people of Pakistan, they say to the Christian people, this is a Muslim Country, so you should live in your country. This is not your country. Your country is America and Europe. You have to move over there.” Despite the persecution, Manmin World Mission is planning to have evangelistic meetings in a few months.

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