Story number 1 for 25 Jun 2002

By June 25, 2002

(Israel)–Headlining today’s news, an evangelical ministry is being initiated in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, despite additional bloodshed there. Open Doors with Brother Andrew is reaching out with aid to these people who are predominately Muslim. Agency spokesman Jerry Kitchel. “We have been working in that area for years, through our partnerships with numbers of Christians who need, desperately, to be supported and under girded in their faith. In this particular situation, we’ve had to reach beyond, with emergency relief, to provide food, and medicine, basic survival items.” According to Kitchel, this outreach could have a significant impact on the Muslim world. “This provision of Bibles and literature will enable them to make it through a difficult time. But at the same time, it under girds them as they reach out to be witnesses to many Muslims in the area who are also seeking the truth.”

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