Story number 1 for 25 May 2000

By May 25, 2000

We begin today’s news looking at the despair of famine. This is being seen firsthand by MNN’s Greg Yoder, who is in Ethiopia on a special assignment. Greg files this heart-wrenching report. “Farmers have traveled here to Fafen in search of pasture land for their sheep and cattle. Their search, in vain, as many of these animals are dead, victims of the fourth year of drought in this predominately Muslim area. Now, many of these farmers are seeing family members suffer the same fate. A translator shares this story of Haliva, a story echoed by many in this region. “After the drought happened, she came here with a lot of hope. She came here with a lot of cousins, so now she has only three cousins. She came here also with six children; one child has died.” Food for the Hungry and SIM International are partnering together to prevent that. Relief agencies fear Western Christian won’t help financially because of the war with Eritrea. Food for the Hungry’s Thomas Stocker says they shouldn’t be prevented from receiving the physical and spiritual help FH can offer. “Food for the Hungry is a non-governmental organization-it’s not taking sides. Our focus is to help those who are in need, so, we will go out there to help the people that need the food assistance. Hungry bellies know no politics.” A one-hundred dollar gift could feed a family of five for five months. Call 1-800-the number 2-HUNGER to help. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Ethiopia.”

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