Story number 1 for 25 Sep 2002

By September 25, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–Topping the news, due to rebel fighting and a failed coup near a missionary school, U-S defense officials are sending troops near the Ivory Coast for a possible evacuation of the children believed trapped inside. African Enterprise’s Malcolm Graham says the situation isn’t quite as intense in the capitol city. “The churches say things are quieting down and the mission should take place; there should be no hindrance to that in Abidjan. We have some people already stationed there and they’re working with 350 churches throughout that city.” Graham explains that they are part of an orchestrated effort moving toward a united goal. He explains what they’re doing. “We’re busy coordinating with the local churches to conduct a major evangelistic outreach to that capitol city. We’ve been holding numbers of training meetings and so, this is a culmination of a major outreach to every sector of that city.” Graham says the campaign is slated to run November 24th through December 2nd.

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