Story number 1 for 26 Dec 2002

By December 26, 2002

(Nepal)–Topping today’s news, Maoist rebels, fighting to end the constitutional monarchy in Nepal, say they are ready to hold peace talks with the government. Despite the violence and political unrest, the Gospel continues to advance in Nepal. East West Ministries’ John Maisel. “We’ve had to move one of our training sessions out of a place where we’ve had a number of guys get beat up by Hindus and moved to another location that’s a little bit safer.” Maisel says not only do they have to be wary of Maoist guerrellas, but they’ve been targeted for persecution from Hindus. “There’s chaos from a human perspective all over that particular area, but the good news is its’ probably one of the most significant works that we have going today in the last year we’ve seen over 30 churches started, the people coming out of Butan for training and then going back there underground and the same thing in Nepal.” Pray for courage for those attending the training centers. Pray also for safety for Christians to be able to make it to the centers.

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