Story number 1 for 26 Jun 2002

By June 26, 2002

(Russia)–We begin today’s newscast in Russia where flooding in the south has killed more than 70 people and left 86-thousand displaced from their homes. East West Ministries John Maisel says it’s not clear whether their ministry has been affected. He’s asking people to pray because this outreach is vital to global evangelism. “That area is very heavily Muslim. I think there are like 40 unreached people groups. And so, we have a training center. We have people on the ground that can spend time with the individuals that are going through the training center for evangelism and church planting.” Maisel says these believers will be getting involved in outreach as the tragedy unfolds. “Most Muslims come to Christ as a result of seeing a genuine demonstration of the love of Christ through relationships. And, of course when you have the humanitarian needs and we can demonstrate that love unconditionally, it opens all sorts of doors.”

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