Story number 1 for 26 Nov 2002

By November 26, 2002

(India) –We begin today in India where an Indian pastor along with team members from Operation Mobilization, were savagely beaten in the State of Goa. The team had just shown the DaySpring International film on the life of Christ when some 30 people attacked them. The film’s director, John Gilman says the movie reflects the life of Christ filmed in the Indian context and it has had a huge impact on those who view it. “Dramatically demonstrating the story of Jesus and his love really is a seed that is planted in the hearts of the people and they never forget seeing Jesus crucified and what that means.” Gilman says they won’t stop showing the film. “I think we have a challenge to bring the Gospel to these people as a seed. Someone said don’t bring it to us as a potted plant, bring it to us as a seed and often Western Christians are tempted to have already grown something and bring it with their own flavor.” Meanwhile, the victims of the assault are recovering and police encouraged them to file a formal complaint.

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