Story number 1 for 26 Sep 2001

By September 26, 2001

(USA)–We begin today’s newscast in the United States where evangelical Christian organizations continue to help in the wake of terrorist attacks in New York. Christian and Missionary Alliance is doing its part. CAMA Services Director Phil Skellie. “We really are partnering with the Northwest Medical Teams and the First Alliance Church in New York City in our trauma counseling effort.” Skellie says C and M-A has been the driving force behind this coordinated team effort. “We have facilitated the sending of a trauma counseling team from Northwest Medical Teams in Portland, Oregon. We initiated contact and provided a way for them to get in touch with our people from Nyack College. We have also provided funds for the team.” All of this work is being done in an effort to reach out to the suffering with hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Pray that many will turn to Him.

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