Story number 1 for 27 Apr 2000

By April 27, 2000

Topping today’s news, Christians around the world are being asked to pray for the people being held hostage in the Philippines. Christian and Missionary Alliance’s Sandi Dutton says some of the hostages have a connection to CMA. “Abu Sayyaf Muslim rebels are holding 27 hostages, many of them teachers and children, six of them are Christian and Missionary Alliance Church members. They’re demanding that all of the crosses be taken down and that all Christians leave the island. The military has begun air and ground assaults on the camp to seek the release of the hostages and to overthrow the Muslim rebels. This is being compounded by the hostage situation of international tourists in Malaysia by Filipino Muslims who are bringing their captives back to the Philippines.” Pray for the safety of the hostages and that missionary work continues in that region despite the on going threat of violence.

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