Story number 1 for 27 Aug 2002

By August 27, 2002

(China)–China is where we begin our newscast today as flooding is plaguing a large portion of that country. World Help’s Mike Clinton says the flood-prone Yangtze River is affecting people in four southern provinces. He says Hunan province is the hardest-hit right now, but the waters are rushing downstream. “Tens of millions of people could be affected. As far as a huge disaster, they may not see a large loss of life, because they may be able to control large amounts of it, but what it has already done is destroy a lot of farm land, thousands and thousands of homes and the livelihood for a lot of people.” We asked Clinton if this flooding will affect World Help’s goal of distributing one-million Bibles there. “It shouldn’t disrupt it too much because we’re all over China. Although, if there’s workers in this area, that will definitely disrupt it. On the other hand, we tend to see disasters as opportunities for outreach. And, I know that a lot of Chinese Christians now are reaching out to these people who are displaced people.” Five-dollars will help print and distribute a Bible in China.

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