Story number 1 for 27 Jul 2000

By July 27, 2000

We begin today in Sudan, where a brewing situation brewing could cause trouble for aid groups. Sudan’s president has threatened to suspend relief flights into the south. If it’s realized, the decision would create havoc in an already devastated area. Operation Blessing International’s Gary Lane. “We were in the Nuba mountains-which is a no-go zone. That area has been cut off, so anyone who goes in, is going in at their own risk. There’s only one airstrip available at this time for relief flights. The others have been taken over by the government, and they have put big guns in place to fire on anyone who tries to land on the other strips.” Lane adds that their mission isn’t about just bringing relief, it’s about bringing a spiritual hope for the future. “In partnership, CBN’s Operation Blessing, Voice of the Martyrs, and another ministry out of Kansas City called ‘Heart to Heart’ took in about between 15 and 20 tons of relief; primarily blankets, 15-hundred Bibles, medicine to treat 20-thosunad Sudanese for 90 days, and seeds.”

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