Story number 1 for 27 Jul 2001

By July 27, 2001

(Kenya)–Topping the news, perennial war and three years of floods and drought have devastated Northeast Kenya. In a parched semi-desert landscape, people line up to get help in the third largest food operation in the world. World Concern’s Tom LePage tells us the effect of the drought on the future. “The fact that the last the last three rains for most of Kenya have failed has meant that there is not agriculture. So, you have got one small part of the country where they’ve still got good crops, but the rest of it is down to subsistence at best, and in most areas, very dependent upon external sources of food.” Le Page says their mission sets them apart from other non-governmental agencies. He says the believers in the area face this challenge: “How can the body of Christ, as young as it is among the Maasai people, how can they minister to the poor in their areas, and how can they in the long term, be the response or even the capacity to care for people in times of drought?”

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