Story number 1 for 27 Jun 2001

By June 27, 2001

(Peru)–We begin today’s newscast in Peru where thousands spent the night outside buildings that were on the verge of collapse. Heavy aftershocks continue to rattle southern Peru, and even more disconcerting, rescue efforts are being hampered by scant resources. At this point, aid is beginning to arrive. World Concern’s relief director Kelly Miller tells us what they’re doing. “We will be working particularly with Peruvian partners that are on the ground and who know the need. What that looks like, we have yet to determine because it’s so early on. I’m confident it will involve food security, probably tents, water security-the basic items that are needed in an emergency situation early on like this.” Miller says their work often leads to a way to share the hope of the Gospel. “The most important step initially is to provide that cup of cold water, to get people fed and clothed and housed and medically taken care of and such. That is the compassion that is an expression of the love of Christ.”

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