Story number 1 for 27 Jun 2003

By June 27, 2003

(Liberia)–Liberia’s shattered peace accord tops the news today. Late Thursday, rebels pressed the capital city, Monrovia, in an effort to oust President Charles Taylor. In the process, hundreds of civilians died, and hundreds more were wounded. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Doug Boisvert says the situation is precarious. “We tried to schedule for even a couple weeks to come back in for some leadership training. From what I’ve heard, they are just too disorganized to be able to be free for that. They are in a desperate situation there. Everybody is just holding their breath, waiting, because they’re expecting even more to happen.” Boisvert urges prayer for the church in Liberia, because the conditions will test their faith. “Physically, they have nothing to offer, but oftentimes, this is the time when believers really make a difference because they have a resource that is not dependent on the peace accords, that is not dependent on the government structure. [And], we really need to hold our brothers and sisters up before the Lord that they can just really go beyond their limits and trust God.”

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