Story number 1 for 27 Nov 2000

By November 27, 2000

Our newscast begins today in Nagaland, a region which includes Nepal, Bhutan and surrounding areas. It is an area that is both Buddhist and isolated, making it a challenge for evangelistic outreach. Gospel Revival Ministries’ Rich Brown says they’re working to launch mission work into the region, but Christians face incredible hardship. “We have a recent report of 45 Christians that were taken up before the village elders and to the Buddhist priests and judged in a ‘kangaroo-type’ court situation, beaten and exiled from their hometown.” Brown says specific prayer for this region and surrounding areas would include an understanding of the challenges. “Christians really are aliens in these lands. Being a Christian sets them apart, especially in states of these countries that are officially Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, and to understand that these Christians really are on the frontline of Christianity.”

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