Story number 1 for 27 Sep 2000

By September 27, 2000

Indonesia leads our focus today, where sectarian violence has erupted in Lombok, the Moluccas and Aceh. The latest carnage ended a relative lull in fighting over recent weeks. When asked how three indigenous churches can survive in the hostile environment, this missionary gave these thoughts, on the condition he remain unnamed for security reasons. “The Christian people are really persecuted. I can give you many, many instances of those in our own particular work who have really suffered in different ways. Pray for their safety because many of these people have lost everything that they have.” The harsh reality of Islamic ‘jihad’ may be a door into a new ministry. “My work is church planting-we have established three indigenous churches; I’m not worried about those particular works. However, we know that Java is predominantly Muslim, so we’d like to go to another island and perhaps work among the Hindu people.” This missionary and his family have been staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida while in the States.

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