Story number 1 for 27 Sep 2001

By September 27, 2001

(USA)–Topping the news, from the shadows of the ruins in New York and Washington, hope is emerging. The wound caused by terrorist acts September 11th was deeper than emotional or physical. It appears that the violence cut to the spiritual heart of the country. That’s according to World Vision’s President, Rich Sterns. He told us of a conversation he had with another chaplain working in Ground Zero. “This woman said that she’s never seen anything like it in her 25 years of ministry. People are literally walking up to her and asking ‘How can I become born again? I want to do it now.’ And she says, almost everyone she is talking to is very open to hearing the Gospel, to responding to it.” Sterns says churches are working together and World Vision is helping. “World Vision has created the American Families Assistance Fund specifically to raise money to support the faith community in responding to victims. I know that pastors were very grateful to have someone trying to assist them because they’ve seen all of the other help going to the other directions.”

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