Story number 1 for 28 Apr 2000

By April 28, 2000

We begin today in Russia where there has been a recent change that could seriously impact international adoption organizations. Initially, Bethany Christian Services responded with alarm at what appeared to be a moratorium. However, BCS’s Tom Jackson clarifies the situation. “Legislation that was prepared during Yeltsin’s era never had the implementation regarding adoptions. And now, Putin has signed the implementation plan. This is now going to help to control less-than-desirable agencies, so they’ll have some ability to manage the adoption process.” Although they’re respected, Jackson says they’ll be affected. “It’ll probably cut our adoption activity by a third to a half for this year, because of the need to supply the information, collecting that and having that evaluated, and approved. It has slowed down the children that would have come through Bethany this year.” Bethany manifests the love of Jesus Christ by helping families with quality social services.

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