Story number 1 for 28 Aug 2002

By August 28, 2002

(China)–The flooding in China headlines today’s news as more than 100-million people are being affected by worst flooding since 1998. World Vision’s Dirk Jacobs is in Changsha, southern China, where much of the flooding is taking place. While the death toll is relatively low, under one-thousand, this disaster is taking shape in other ways. “For many people the disaster has already happened. They have lost their crops here. And World Vision is actually preparing food distributions of food here. And, some of the areas have been very badly affected by flash floods and landslides. World Vision has distributed nearly four million pounds of rice.” World Vision is doing this in the name of Christ. Jacobs says they’re appealing for help. “We are getting more prepared for relief-food distributions and also the second stage of relief response, to reconstruct houses, schools and roads.” Go to WorldVision-dot-org or call 888-56-Child to help.

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