Story number 1 for 28 Feb 2000

By February 28, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Kosovo where increasing violence is forcing more troops into the region. However, the increasing tensions are not having an impact on International Aid’s plans to work there. I-A’s Jerry Dykstra. “We’re going to be dedicating a new health clinic we’re rehabbing and that will be done probably around the first of April. And, that will be in a town about 50-miles from Pristina, which is the capitol. And, there’s a real need there for health clinics to get some of the people (treated) who have not been treated very well health wise for many years.” International Aid has already sent 27 shipments of relief supplies to Kosovo. Dykstra says they’ll be helping physically in an effort to change hearts. “In a climate of ethnic and religious hate, we’re planting seeds that God will then grow. That’s just tremendously true. People can pray that this atmosphere of hate as we it, that somehow God change hearts.” Dykstra is encouraging people to give financially so the work can be successful.

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