Story number 1 for 28 Jun 2001

By June 28, 2001

(Balkans)–Our newscast begins today in the Balkans where Macedonia teeters on the brink of a violent civil war. Waves of refugees fleeing the fighting made for safer zones. The scattered, numbered 55-thousand, are now in neighboring Kosovo. Kosovo has yet to recover from the earlier war, so ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission are sending urgent pleas for help. Christian Aid’s Mike Clinton. “There’s a huge wave of human suffering. There’s these people who don’t have food, they don’t have clothing, they don’t have shelter; nobody’s meeting their needs. So, a number of ministries are going and doing what they can, and when they do that, they’re doing it in the name of Christ, so a lot of these people are hearing the name of Jesus in a new way.” Clinton says they still face challenges in sharing the peace of Christ. “There’s a religious division, there’s ethnic division and yet a lot of people are hearing about this Jesus who’s providing food and housing for them. So, they’re really getting open to the Gospel now-more open than they’ve ever been-and yet, there’s still that conflict.”

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