Story number 1 for 28 Mar 2002

By March 28, 2002

(Afghanistan) — Headlining today’s news, the earthquake in Afghanistan is putting financial pressure on Christian relief agencies. World Vision‘s James East is in the country where the magnitude six quake killed almost two-thousand people. But, East says this disaster just adds to what has already become horrendous. East explains. “Children scavenging for grass on mountainsides, babies suckling at breasts and not getting anything and a man dying in the street from hunger. This message, I think, is not really getting out and I think the suffering of the people is happening silently and if nothing is done it’s going to get worse and worse.” East says the earthquake makes it even worse. He says your financial help does more than feed and clothe. “We hope that by showing people practically that we care about them in the most difficult of circumstances, reach people in the most unimaginably difficult places we get to, that we are conveying the love of Christ.” Call 888-56-Child to help.

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