Story number 1 for 29 Aug 2000

By August 29, 2000

We begin today in Nigeria where U-S President Bill Clinton has given the country’s battered international image a much-needed boost. Clinton saluted Nigeria as a major world player as well as a country to be treated with respect and taken seriously. Gospel Revival Ministries’ John Musser says country’s fledgling democracy could benefit greatly from the visit. “I just got an e-mail from Niger, and they believe that the Lord is taking control-quoting here: “…things have returned to normal in Nigeria-the fear that people used to have seems to be disappearing.” This is years and years of praying that God would release His anointing upon that country so they can let the Gospel go in.” Musser believes open doors for evangelism could open even further. “We are having a crusade this October. We just ask for God’s people to pray for us. We are currently building a church there, and setting up a number of pastors to be able to maximize the results of the crusade and so we would ask that the body of Christ would pray for us and that God would give us many souls.”

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