Story number 1 for 29 Dec 1999

By December 29, 1999

We begin today in Indonesia where fighting between Christian and Muslim gangs on the country’s Spice Islands has killed more than 40-people. AMG International has churches and Bible schools in that beleaguered country. Agency spokesman Larry Malone says at last word all their people were safe. “We have not report from our director there that any the ministry or the national works have been affected. Most of our work is concentrated in the Islands of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and we have some work in Irian Jaya. We were surprised to hear that violence has broken out once again in Maluku, as well as the loss of some 46 lives Ambon.” Malone says there’s one thing that Christians around the world can to help. ” We would urge Christians to continue to pray for the people of Indonesia. And, in particular the believers there as they face, not only violence, but also one of the worst economic situations that’s to be found in the world today.”

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