Story number 1 for 29 Jan 2003

By January 29, 2003

(North Korea)–We begin today in North Korea where the tensions over that country’s nuclear arms program could cause many to go hungry in that communist nation. The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee reports that millions are suffering from malnutrition. The CRWRC’s Kristin VanderBerg says they’ll continue to help in Jesus’ name as long as possible because the need is so great. “Without further food shipments the health of people, especially children, would be put at serious risk. At the same time the currently political situation in North Korea is hindering the amount of aid that North Korea can receive. Countries are unwilling to get involved right now.” VanderBerg says the CRWRC’s involvement could change. “If the U-S does decide to take action against North Korea, whether that be sanctions or sending in military personnel, that would impact and affect our ability to be involved.” Funding is needed so this outreach can continue.

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