Story number 1 for 3 Apr 2002

By April 3, 2002

(Israel)–Topping the news, violence is forcing World Vision to halt humanitarian work in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. The shutdown remains in effect until the latest round of violence between Israelis and Palestinians subsides. World Vision staff members are under siege, and remain under a city-wide house arrest. World Vision’s Dan Simmons spoke to us from Jerusalem. “We cannot get into any of the areas that would be most needed for emergency relief, such as Ramallah, for instance, because the military there has it sealed off. We cannot get in either with food or medicine. Ambulances have been restricted or kept out entirely.” Simmons says, given the situation, there is an urgency. “Pray that somehow there would be an intervention that will come in between this violence…an international force… I’ve been praying for that, or a legion of angels; something that will stop the horrid violence.”

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