Story number 1 for 3 Apr 2003

By April 3, 2003

(Iraq)–We begin today’s newscast in Iraq as coalition forces continue their quest to sack the regime of Saddam Hussein. As those efforts continue, President of Open Doors USA, Terry Madison, says this war is providing the push Iraqi believers needed to reach out with encouragement. “To reach out not only to each other, but to show their Muslim neighbors what it means to be authentically Christian and to reach out with love and compassion and to stand along side them when they have needs that Christians can address and help. And, that seems to be what’s happening.” Open Doors has been working in Iraq for years providing Bibles and training. Madison says that work will change. “Once the immediate practical needs of our brothers and sisters there are made batter know to us than they are right now we are prepared to use our networks to see that food and medicine and clothing and sort of the basics of life are sped to the body of Christ there.”

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