Story number 1 for 3 Jan 2001

By January 3, 2001

Topping the news, a captured Colombian guerilla leader may hold the key to the fate of three kidnapped missionaries. New Tribes Missions’ Scott Ross says have strong reason to believe that this man was connected with the kidnapping and captivity of Mark Rich, Dave Mankins, and Rick Tennenoff. “There’s an opportunity to gain information about our men. We’ve not been able to confirm what interrogations are taking place and what information is being gained. So, pray for his safety and his willingness to tell us about the fate of our men.” In the meantime, the NTM Crisis Team continues to follow other leads. However, Ross says this is difficult as violence mounts throughout the country. “We’ve always been appreciative of the peace process because that gives us a direct link through the Colombian government to the guerillas, if there’s any information. So, as those things break down, that just stops one other way that we’re able to gain information, or try to develop a dialogue with the guerillas regarding our men.”

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