Story number 1 for 3 Jul 2002

By July 3, 2002

(India)–We begin today’s news in India, where the Prime Minister is trying to strengthen the Hindu government in light of political losses and challenges by rival Pakistan. A Cabinet shuffle has ended with Hindu Nationalists in place. Mission India’s John DeVries says that may mean there’s a tough road ahead for their partners. “This move by the Prime Minister to toughen the stance is part of a whole nationwide strategy to make the Hindu government have tighter control over what’s happening in India today. However, as in so many cases with persecution, the more persecution comes to Christianity, the faster Christianity seems to spread.” DeVries says they need support from the church for this work. “Our partners have asked us for over five million sets of children’s Bible club material; we’ve been able to supply only three million of them. This is just a brand new development; it caught us totally off-guard, that there’d be that kind of response. It shows again, the determination to spread the Gospel, when persecution and opposition comes.”

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