Story number 1 for 3 Mar 2000

By March 3, 2000

The crisis in Mozambique headlines today’s news as more than one-million people have been effected by flooding of historic proportions. And, it’s not over as another cyclone is bearing down on the country. International Aid of Spring Lake, Michigan is getting involved. Agency spokesman Jerry Kitchel. “International Aid is going to be entering at the point where we can begin to provide medical supplies and emergency items. We will do that working in partnership with existing missions that are actually in the country in addition to sending shipments. So it will be on the two prong approach that we’ll respond.” Kitchel says this is an open door for sharing their faith. “By being there to help people in this hour of desperation we’re able to not only meet them at that physical level, but at the same time to be able to minister to them at the emotional and spiritual level. And, so it’s really a holistic approach.” To help with this desperate situation call 1-800-251-2502.

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