Story number 1 for 3 Nov 1999

By November 3, 1999

Topping today’s news, efforts to deliver aid to India’s cyclone-ravaged state of Orissa are increasing even as violence breaks out in areas where storm victims have gone four days without aid. As the country’s infrastructure reportedly crumbles under the strain, Operation Mobilization’s Peter Dance says they are mounting their response to the crisis. “Our teams are going to go in there as soon as we can. Pray, not only for our O-M teams, there’s several other organizations…because the devastation is massive. They say it’s probably the worst in 30-odd years. We want to raise as much money as we can for food, blankets, wells and also coverings.” Dance says the teams are looking forward to the opportunity to minister to the storm victims. He adds: “We go in to a place like that with food, with blankets, with shelter, and some clean water. Basically we’re showing, and we’re not frightened of sharing the fact that in Jesus’ name, we send this to them; in that way, we’re exhibiting the love of Christ.”

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