Story number 1 for 3 Nov 2000

By November 3, 2000

Topping the news, following a series of border attacks from rebels, the West African republic of Guinea may now be threatened with the kind of civil war faced by neighbors, Sierra Leone and Liberia. New Tribes Mission’s Guy Sier explains what this might mean to their work. “The Southern Baptists had a number of works; they’ve been forced to pull out of those works. The U.S. Embassy has put out a very strong warning against U.S. citizens residing or traveling into the south end of Guinea. That has resulted in most of the mission works down there being evacuated. But, most of our folks are located relatively far north.” Sier says the potential for war is real, and the missionaries need prayer. “I’d like to know that folks are praying for our field leaders over there, who are relatively young, that they would have the Lord’s wisdom in being able to discern key things. And so, just pray the Lord’s wisdom that they would know at what point is it prudent to leave the country.”

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