Story number 1 for 3 Oct 2001

By October 3, 2001

(USA)–Headlining today’s news, Christians are being asked learn all they can about Islam if they hope to reach Muslims with the Gospel. Don Richardson with Don Richardson Ministries has studied Islam. He says the Hadith (hah-DEETH) is just as important to Muslims as the Koran. “In the Hadith it is promised those who lose their lives in the advancement of Islam are guaranteed and immediate access into heaven. You’ll hear them say it isn’t in the Koran and I really think that Muslim leaders are hoping that the western press will not discover that the Hadith is there. There’s so many things in it that make Islam look like a substandard faith.” Richardson says Christians can have an impact on the moderate Muslim world. “They are constantly saying, well that’s not real Islam. If we can show them that it IS really Islam there’s a chance that they will begin to rethink their allegiance to that religion and possibly begin to look for a better guide for their lives.”

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