Story number 1 for 30 Jan 2002

By January 30, 2002

(Democratic Republic of Congo)–The Democratic Republic of Congo tops today’s news. Mission organizations continue to count the cost of the volcanic eruption that destroyed a huge section of the country’s east side. Bruce Paden and his wife are CB International’s only missionaries in Goma. He says their facilities are safe, but the local church they work with isn’t. “Their property has been virtually totally destroyed. That included a large church that would easily seat 600-700 people. At the same place, there were three schools four over 2,000 students, a center for women’s work. We estimate that the loss easily comes to over a half million dollars.” Paden says money is being raised to help replace the church, but where to rebuild is still a question. Paden says the disaster will force many people and organizations to move. “People will be moving to the areas that have not been covered by lava and so it could be a real opportunity for new church planting and evangelism.”

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