Story number 1 for 30 Jun 2003

By June 30, 2003

(Liberia)–Topping the news, mediators have suspended ongoing peace talks on Liberia, saying renewed fighting compromises the process. The fighting also forced thousands to find refuge, and created a moving population that makes outreach difficult. Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins. “Our daily Bible Pathway had been going out over one of the radio stations in Monrovia. It was also scheduled to go out over a new tower in the north under another ministry. They were able to get their missionary out, but that tower is in danger, and they don’t know about it.” Hawkins says their communication with partners has been spotty, at best; it’s an issue for prayer. “At this point, until we get further communication, we don’t know what is happening. But, we do know that there are a lot of believers and they are asking the rest of the world to pray for a speedy end to this and for life to be able to be restored where they can openly worship.”

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