Story number 1 for 30 Oct 2002

By October 30, 2002

(Malawi)–We begin today’s newscast in Malawi, where, faced with a 200-thousand ton food deficit, millions are risking starvation. According to the World Food Program, emergency aid is on its way. However, more is needed to fight the devastating famine that followed a prolonged drought, resulting in a poor harvest. The Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s Jim Brown says they’re responding. “They really have two needs. They have current food needs, and because of what they’re eating, they’re not going to have anything for next year. We’re helping on both ends, both food distribution, and also seed distribution. Food would be for the present time, and seed would be for this time, next year.” Brown says as the relief effort progresses, there is a point where the impact of the Gospel meets real hands and feet. “This really provides a lot of validity for the life and witness of both missionaries, and also local Baptist churches that are there, in the eyes of the local population, because, obviously if you do nothing, they’re going to not really understand how folks can call themselves Christians.”

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