Story number 1 for 31 Aug 2001

By August 31, 2001

(Pakistan)–Topping the news, Pakistan continues taking on refugees fleeing the intense fighting in neighboring Afghanistan. Life At It’s Best’s Norm Nelson debunks recent reports that indicated Pakistan may have been taking its cues from the Taliban. “There is a very strong link between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In fact, much of the Taliban leadership was trained in Pakistan. But, there is a hesitation on the part of many Muslims around the world to claim the Taliban as being really faithful and true to the Muslim faith.” Nelson says even though he doubts the Afghanistan case will set precedent for other Muslims, there is still one area that causes concern for their workers in Pakistan. “The big problem I would say, right now, in terms of Christian concern in Pakistan is the blasphemy law.” Nelson says because the law is often widely interpreted, he asks believers to pray that their outreach will continue safely, and that hearts would respond to the Gospel message.

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