Story number 1 for 31 Jan 2000

By January 31, 2000

We begin today’s newscast with a look at an ominous anniversary. It was seven
years ago today that missionaries Mark Rich, Dave Mankins and Rick Tenenoff were
taken hostage by Colombian guerrillas. They, along with their families, were working
among the people of Panama with New Tribes Mission. Mission spokesman Guy
Sire says while they know very little about their whereabouts, but they have been
checking leads. “One lead that was a sighting of the men turned out to be false,
however another lead arose that states the men are alive and so we’ve yet to pursue
that one. Defecting guerrillas claim that the men were executed some years ago,
however their accounts conflict with each other.” Sire is encouraging people not to give
up. “We are doing our best to try to resolve this as quickly and thoroughly as we can
and we just need folks to just continue to stand with us in prayer and we appreciate
everyone that does.”

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