Story number 1 for 31 Mar 2003

By March 31, 2003

(Iraq/Jordan)–Headlining today’s news, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” rages on and so do plans for reaching out to the Iraqi people. World Relief’s Clive Calver says while the refugees aren’t leaving Iraq now, it’s only a matter of time until they enter Jordan. He says what’s taking place now is common. “You’ll get very little movement until people feel that their lives are under threat. And, then you’ll get an avalanche, so if you’re not ready then you’re going to get swamped. We would anticipate that at some point, as the conflict intensifies, but more and more people will be coming across the border.” Calver says having Jordanian Christians involved is key to seeing lives changed. “People have been indoctrinated into what Christians are, and it’s earth shattering for them when they see that Christians actually are people of compassion. When they see the self sacrificing character of Christians it makes a huge difference.”

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