Story number 1 for 31 May 2000

By May 31, 2000

We begin today in northern Ethiopia where this part of the country has seen hunger before. Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder is in the South Gonder region where one-million people died during the 1985 famine. Greg, what’s the situation now? “Peter, this area of the country is suffering from nearly four years of drought, which is causing a massive food shortage in the country. Nearly 600-thousand people in this region alone are malnourished and are in need of assistance to get through this planting season. Food for the Hungry is targeting about 300-thousand of them. Regional program manager, Yohannes Belihu. “People are suffering-lacking food. There was a survey done by the government and these people were separated into three major groups. Those needing assistance for eight months, five months and three months of the year. But, there is no food in the area. They are waiting.” Food for the Hungry is asking people to prayerfully and financially support their food for work program to help avoid a repeat of 1985. Your support does more than help people physically. It opens doors to share the Gospel when they otherwise wouldn’t listen. “And, whenever you go with your Bible to the community, they will not right out accept what you are saying to them. So, there needs to be some mechanism of how to approach the community.” Your gift of 100-dollars will provide a family of five with enough food for five months. Call 1-800-the number two, HUNGER to help. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Ethiopia.”

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