Story number 1 for 31 May 2001

By May 31, 2001

(Indonesia)–Topping today’s news, a surge in violence has struck Indonesia as talks about the impeachment of President Abdurrahman Wahid continue. Wahid supporters and security troops have flooded Jakarta as a potential state of emergency looms. The Southern Baptist International Mission Board explains how this is effecting believers. For security reasons, we’ll call our source “Mark”. “They continue to minister; they have been there long enough to know where to go in the city, where not to go, when to go and so forth. They do have a plan to evacuate, if the situation were to escalate where it was very threatening, but at this point, I’ve not received any word from anyone, that they’re putting any of those plans into effect.” During the rioting this week, two churches were burned down. “Mark” pleads prayer for believers and Christian workers. “Pray for the people of Indonesia, for the believers, that God would give them opportunity in this time of turmoil to be witnesses, because when folks’ hearts are in such confused state, they’re open.”

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