Story number 1 for 31 May 2002

By May 31, 2002

(North Korea)–Our newscast begins today in North Korea where acute food shortages are causing deaths from malnutrition and disease. International Aid’s Mark Heydenburg says the situation has been worsening, despite the limelight of the World Cup in neighboring South Korea. “The world is really not as focused on North Korea as it has been in the past, and there’s some tremendous food shortages. Malnutrition is probably the number one cause of death in North Korea. The other problem is tuberculosis: two people per thousand die of tuberculosis each year.” Heydenburg says their work through medical missions is one way they can share the hope of Christ. “They really don’t want proselytizing. You can talk to your guides, but to actually openly witness is a restriction at this time. You really have to witness through your actions, through your deeds, and they do ask questions. They’ll come to you and they’ll ask you, ‘why are you doing this?’, and that’s when we take the opportunity to share the love of Christ.”

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