Story number 1 for 31 Oct 2001

By October 31, 2001

(USA)–Headlining today’s news as the anthrax scare is sweeping the United States it’s also having a negative impact on ministry. President of the Bible League, Denny Mulder, says the fear has caused people to simply throw away fund raising appeals. He says this comes at a bad time. “In many areas where we minister there are very large Muslim populations that are much more responsive to the Gospel today than they were before September 11th. So, the need for scriptures has increased dramatically, while at the same time resources are falling off.” According to Mulder, funding for Bibles is needed desperately. “There are somewheres in the areas of 350-million Bible-less people. When I say Bible-less, those are Bible-less Christian people. In addition there are literally 10’s of millions of seekers who would love to have a copy. The numbers, in terms of dollars, runs into the millions of dollars. Each Bible is just four-dollars.”

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