Story number 1 for 4 Apr 2000

By April 4, 2000

We begin today in Taiwan where tensions are still riding high after the people elected a pro-independence president. China has long threatened to invade if the Island declared independence. Far East Broadcasting Company has offices in Taiwan. Chinese Ministries Director Peter Chou says they’re concerned, but not making any rash decisions. “I’m saying wait and see because we really don’t know where it turns to. Too excited is not a way to handle the situation. We need to be cool. And, we are observing the situation very carefully what’s the move and deciphering every meeting. But, we can not commit ourselves to either way.” Chou says radio ministry from Taiwan will continue, despite various changes in strategy. However, people need to pray. “Because, this area is such a volatile area and such an unstable area as far as broadcasting is concerned. The situation or opportunity that we can do Gospel work is always under the shadow of one day China will no be open again. It will be closed. And, if that happened the radio ministry is more important.”

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