Story number 1 for 4 Aug 2000

By August 4, 2000

We begin today with a look at how a martyrdom has brought change to an entire people group. Greg Yoder reports from Amsterdam. “Steve Saint, the son of martyred Nate Saint, shared the story of how the Waodani came to Christ after his father and five others were killed by the tribe in 1956. According to Saint, while many have come to Christ, the Waodani are concerned about young people. “Today the Waodani are concerned for the next generation. Missions brought them the Gospel, but they see that the new generation is not listening to missionaries. When my Aunt Rachel died, they asked me to come…”to teach the Waodani how to evangelize the next generation.” Saint interpreted for Mincaye, one of the men responsible for his father’s death, who encouraged the delegates in evangelism. “I may never see you again here, but I will see you there and he said, ‘Speaking God’s carvings, all over the world. Let us take lots of people following God’s trail to live with us in heaven.'” Tears flowed throughout the hall as many knew Saint was grieving last week’s death of his 20-year old daughter. Greg Yoder, for the Amsterdam 2000 Radio Network.”

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